Open AI Launches GPT-4o -- and Agent.AI Is Now Using It!

Such an exciting time to be a developer.

On Sunday (2 days ago), I did a soft-launch of a new project I’m working on called (it’s a collection of simple AI agents that do useful things).

On Monday (yesterday), OpenAI had their Spring event and launched (among other things) their GPT-4o model.

By Monday night (yesterday) I had incorporated the new GPT-4o model into — and it is good. Faster, smarter and cheaper.

I’ll write about some of the exciting updates in a subsequent post (I have thoughts), but while I have you, a quick note on

The first agent I’ve launched is a company research agent. It goes deep on a company and gives you all sorts of information — including how it differentiates from key competitors.

You can see a sample report for my company HubSpot here:

Agent AI uses a bunch of LLMs including GPT-4o, Claude, Gemini and Perplexity. It chooses the right one based on the task at hand.

I’ve opened up the waitlist and am approving users every day (just don’t want everyone trying it all at once). Sign-up to check it out.

In the meantime, if you have a particular company you’d like to run a report for, just respond to this email with the company name and website domain and I’ll do my best to you the report (or approve you on the waitlist).